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Eggland’s Best Eggs

Moark is one of the largest Eggland's Best franchisees both in volume and geographic area of coverage. 

Eggland’s Best eggs were developed for people who want to eat healthy, but still want great taste. They are nutritionally superior with 10 times more vitamin E and 25% less saturated fat than an ordinary egg. Consumers tell us everyday that Eggland’s Best eggs are the most delicious eggs they’ve ever tasted. With Eggland’s Best eggs, eating a high protein diet never tasted so good!


Special, Unique Hen Feedeggland's best

It all starts with the special Eggland’s Best hen feed, a patented All-Natural, all vegetarian feed that contains healthy grains, canola oil, and an All-Natural supplement of rice bran, alfalfa, sea kelp and Vitamin E. It contains no animal fat, no animal byproducts, and no recycled or processed food. Eggland’s Best never uses hormones, or antibiotics of any kind. Simply put, because the Eggland’s Best hen diet is superior, Eggland’s Best hens lay nutritionally superior eggs.

kosher certified

Kosher Certified

Eggland`s Best eggs have been certified as Kosher by the Orthodox Union, and all Eggland`s Best Farms have been inspected and approved by the Orthodox Union.


egglands best natural eggs

Strict Quality Assurance

Furthermore, we have one of the most comprehensive and strict Quality Assurance programs in the industry. Literally every aspect of the production and distribution of Eggland’s Best eggs is constantly monitored and carefully managed. The result is that Eggland’s Best eggs are the finest quality eggs available anywhere.  Eggland’s Best eggs have quality you can taste. 



Eggland's Best


Moark fresh shell eggs
Moark land o lakes egglands best eggs

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