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Egg Safety and Quality

Moark is committed to upholding the highest standards in shell egg quality and safety.   We execute stringent quality programs based on:


All quality programs are verified and documented by in-house quality assurance audits and independent verification reviews that assure our products are the very best.

At the Farm

  • We protect our birds from pathogenic contaminants by following comprehensive farm Biosecurity programs.
  • Industry-leading Salmonella enteritidis prevention protocols are used to reduce the risk for internal egg contamination.
  • Microbiological monitoring and on-farm internal audits are conducted regularly to verify the effectiveness of farm quality programs.
  • Best bird housing and management systems and well-balanced feed rations that are produced at company-owned feed mills or sourced from feed mills that adhere to Moark's strict quality and food safety specifications.
  • Strong environmental programs that comply with federal and state laws are carried out at each site to minimize the impact of our farm operations on the environment.

At the Plant

  • Daily plant operations take place under the strict supervision of full-time USDA inspectors.
  • Quality assurance personnel continually monitor the interior and exterior quality of each egg for compliance with customer specifications and accurate labeling.
  • A voluntary HACCP-based system predicated by strong sanitation operating procedures and other food safety prerequisite programs assures the safety of our shell egg products.
  • Corporate personnel and independent third parties verify regularly the effectiveness of all quality plant programs.
  • Many of our facilities have been awarded the highest scores in the industry for quality excellence.

By following these programs, we help ensure the safety of the nation's egg supply.  



Moark egg product safety

Egg Traceability

Moark traces the entire life cycle of every hen, including what they’ve had to eat and drink, where they’ve lived, air quality and veterinary care.  This helps us ensure that all laying hens receive proper nutrition and care.  After all, a healthy hen lays healthy eggs!

If there was ever a need to trace bird feed or shell eggs, our systems are setup to promptly tell retailers exactly which flocks produced the eggs, the feed provided to each bird and the facilities that processed the eggs.

In addition, we stage mock egg recalls each year, just to make sure that all systems are in place in case of a real egg recall.


Moark fresh shell eggs
Moark land o lakes egglands best eggs

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