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Supporting Local Farming

In addition to all of our company owned egg farms, Moark does its part to support many local farmers in a variety of ways across the country:

  • Contracting area farmers to use their family owned pullet and layer facilities to house and care for approximately 1 million of our cage free and organic egg laying hens. Moark provides the feed, flock service and production guidelines to assure compliance with FDA, UEP and our own bio-security, food safety and quality control specifications.
  • Assisting crop farmers with soil nutrient management and providing high-quality poultry manure for proper field application. This excellent source of organic fertilizer helps reduce the application and cost of chemical fertilizers.
  • Year in and year out Moark purchases tons of local grain from area farmers, which is used in our pullet and layer feed rations. 
Moark fresh shell eggs
Moark land o lakes egglands best eggs

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